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Full Version: PPC ROM Price
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Hello all,

Can anyone tell me the reasonable price for a PPC ROM?

The ones I find on eBay are too much. I understand it is a desirable ROM but $475 seems a bit pricey to me.



Of course some of our old HP products and accessories somehow have become rare and sellers do know that. I think you should contact the seller and do a bid. Sooner or later he/she will accept your offer. I think US$200 should be acceptable, US$250 max. Unless the seller is a real diehard I think you will be succesful.

These sellers ought to realize that now we can get Diego's NoV64 module (http://www.clonix41.org/Projects/Nov64/Nov64_00.htm) with the PPC and other ROMs in it for a lot less.

I also keep seeing bar-code wands for $380 BIN price. There is no way in the world I would give anywhere near that much for one.

Edited: 15 May 2013, 2:26 p.m.

Wow, for that price you could easily get the HP-41CL upgrade and have a copy of the PPC ROM along with so many others with money to spare...

(I don't have one but really admire it!)

You´ve got a point there, last time I counted them I got 145 modules in the CL library (a few of them mine), with more than 343 pages (4k each), for a total of 1,372 kB; Definitely it´s got to be the world´s most comprehensive 41 SW collection - and all of them just one PLUG away!

These went up in price sharply quite recently. There were a couple on TAS for reasonable prices not that long ago ... I was eyeing them ... perhaps people who didn't really want the modules themselves snapped them up and are re-offering them at higher prices? It wouldn't surprise me.

Note to self: next time, jump.

Thanks guys. Ill probably look for a 41cl.

Whats TAS ive seen the name before here on the forum can anyone explain?


TAS = The (or That) Auction Site = Ebay

Ebay is viewed variously by many here as great or sinister or somewhere in between. It has become somewhat the norm to refer to it here only by the initials - sort of like not saying Valdemort in Harry Potter!