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Full Version: 98228A 9885/9895 ROM for 9825?
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David's message asking about the software needed for his 9885A reminds me that I still require a 98228A ROM to be able to use the 9895A I recently acquired. I've made searches every once in a while for a couple of years, but never have seen any for sale. I do have the more common 98217A ROM for the 9885A available for trade, or if anyone has a pointer to a source, that would be very appreciated.

I don't believe that the 98228A ROM will do you any good; as I believe it requires the extra memory of a 9825T for operation...

Ah, but I have two 9825Ts, so it will indeed work.

Ah, I saw "9895A" but read "9825A".

Still, you have too many 9825Ts, and should sell one to me.

Sent email.