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Full Version: A small but colourful bouquet ...
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... from our underpaid design team:

Please note the changes in the menu LOG.


Any series plans to make this interface a reality?


The extra space in the "3 815" looks odd when it is the denominator of a fraction. Maybe grouping of digits into threes should only be used for final results?

The "narrow space" digits separators look odd to me in all of their occurrences (in a fraction and right or left of the radix) but each for different reasons. The ISO recommendations behind this approach are intended to avoid confusion when numerical information is exchanged and local customs (comma versus dot) for digit separators may lead to confusion. The ISO narrow space approach, while unambiguous, is unfortunately not as visually clear (to me) as either a comma or a dot.

I believe that some users would appreciate their calculator allowing commas, dots, or narrow spaces for digit separators following their local customs and personal preference. Surely any ambiguity or risk of confusion is minimal on a handheld device. Ultimately, though, it's the developer's prerogative to include such niceties or not.


Any series plans to make this interface a reality?

The plans are about as serious as they were for the WP 34S back in 2010. We will have a homegrown HW in this case, however, which makes things a bit more difficult to estimate. I assume there will be a small series after development. Did I answer both your questions?


The 34S took about three years to reach fruition and we started with something resembling a code base and a basic design. It evolved lots as it went along.

In other words, don't expect a 43S before 2016 if not later :-)

- Pauli