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Full Version: HP-15C Simulator / Release 3.2.00, Build 5319
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I am pleased to announce a new version of the HP-15C Simulator (Release 3.2.00, Build 5319).

The highlight in this release is the support for SwissMicros DM-15/DM-15CC card-size HP-15C clones. See the DM-15 section in the simulator documentation for all details and how to enable the DM-15 support.


Thanks! Any plans for the 16C?

There's always: www.hpmuseum.org/wrpn.zip

No plans for any other model.

Can you make the app's window scalable, so we can stretch to a bigger size? Maybe you can have a fixed set f sizes--small, medium, and large???



This is already built in:

Open the context menu and choose "Preferences | Fonts".

In the documentation read section "Usage | Preferences | Font settings" for all the details.


I love the message that comes up while waiting for a screen shot to load - nice touch.

Mike T.

Great! I had always hoped that somebody will notice it!

But because the Internet connections are so fast today, I had almost given up :-))


Is it a bug that I can't enter a number like:

1.234567809 EEX 10

Otherwise a very nice simulator. However I'm a little disappointed by the following statement:

Matrix operations are not supported and I have no plans to add this feature.

Kind regards


You are right, it should be possible to enter the number. Will be fixed in the next patch release.

Adding matrix functions would require to much work.


Do you happen to know the Free 15C RPN Scientific Calculator by Greg Hewgill? You might have a look at the sources of the matrix functions. However I have no idea what's the effort to port that code to your simulator.

Kind regards