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Full Version: Copy/Paste in HP 35s emulator
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Today I downloaded the 35S emulator, rev. 19048 from

and installed it on Windows 7

It would make an excellent replacement for the Windows calculator, only I can't see how to copy/paste numbers from/into other Windows applications.

I think copy/paste would be an interesting feature for future emulator versions.



I had a look at it and it seems to me that if you are looking for a RPN, Windows calculator replacement, you should have a look at many of the better designed freewares including the WP34s emulator.

Unless you just want the HP-15C emulator for playing purposes (the way most of us use calculators in general), Thomas Okken's HP 42S simulation Free42 is simply outstanding...the best that there is for real work.

The HP 42S is a stunning advance over the rather primitive HP-15C, whether it be as real hardware or in simulation/emulation.

Edited: 7 May 2013, 1:53 p.m.