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Full Version: HP Prime apps
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I am very curious about how apps are created for the HP Prime. If anyone (Tim?) can legally answer the following, that would be awesome!

1. Will there be an SDK to develop the apps? Or are we limited to what can be programmed using the built-in language?

2. Will the SDK (if one exists) be free? My hope is that with a free SDK, we might see more free apps that would then become a major selling point for the calculator.

3. Did the developers leave a "hook" of any sort that would allow the calculator to be completely taken over (temporarily) like back in the HP49/HP50 series?

Until official release, the best guess is the 39GII.

- New Apps are derived from existing Apps.

- No SDK, Just BASIC programming. Certainly with more functionnalities.

I guess I will just wait =)