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Full Version: Update of Emu28 to v1.27
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Emu28 v1.27 is available at http://hp.giesselink.com.

Changes to v1.26:

  • changed "Locale" KML command (in difference to Emu42 the Locale now reference to the keyboard layout and not to the keyboard input locale any more, this allows now i.e German-German as keyboard input locale but a Swiss keyboard layout)
  • native sound support (true emulation) over the OUT=C opcode
  • removed PC speaker support
  • switched default CPU strobe frequency to 640 kHz
  • minor "Find" additions in the debugger "Code" and "Memory" window

Emu28 v1.26 has a bug in "Authentic Calculator Speed" mode. The 1LK7 CPU is emulated with a strobe frequency of 1 MHz, but correct is a nominal speed of 640 kHz. To fix this you may delete the registy key "HKCU\Software\Emu28\Emulator\SaturnCycles" or save this code snippet as file patch28.reg:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


and execute this registry file with a double click and confirm the popping up messages.

To activate the sound emulation you must remove all ROM beep patches in your KML files please. If you normally download only the binary package, you should download the 28C KML file as well. The actual KML file package don't have the ROM beep patches and also has an updated set of keyboard scancode include files.

Dependant when you created the HP-28C state file you have to perform a warmstart <ON>+<SK3> on the simulated calculator to initialize the CSPEED calculator RAM variable to a reasonable clock speed value. For more information you may have a look inside the Emu28 manual section "8.6.3 Sound section" please.


Thanks for the new version, sound emulation =)

Please i-OS and Android-OS port, similar emulators on googlePlay and itunes store, but none as complete as you have developed emu28/42/48/71

Have you tried m48+? It is a fairly complete port of emu48 for iOS.

Mark Hardman

Edited: 30 Apr 2013, 10:38 p.m.

HP50G (i-os), Go49G+ and M48+ no support loading custom skins (*.kml) and other things, so not a complete port of emu48 =(

Edited: 1 May 2013, 12:48 p.m.

Changing skins offered the HP-30S but neither the HP48 nor the HP49 nor the 50G. What makes a program an emulator is behind the scenes.