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Full Version: Sharp PC-E500 question
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I have a Sharp PC-E500 calculator that gives me the error message "No Memory" when I turn it on. The message is displayed for about 2-3 seconds before the calculator turns off. Replacing the batteries (four AAA batteries and a CR2016 for the internal memory) does not help. I have also tried to reset the calculator with the reset button, but I still get the same error message. Any Suggestions?

To use the technical term, it sounds like it is knackered. I've noticed some cheaper devices (particularly old Casios) seem to develop memory corruption problems after a number of years which are unresolvable. I'm not sure what technology they use for memory but some forms actually have a limited lifetime I.e. FLASH and some cheaper SRAMs. These parts are probably non-replaceable on such devices.

Not sure that can be resurrected.