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Full Version: HEPAX Revisited: Revision 1E available
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You probably saw it coming... so here it is: a slightly modified version of the world-class HEPAX module is ready to hit the streets.

Don't expect radical changes (after all it's hard to improve on a masterpiece)./ This version was mainly driven by the couple of patches to make it work on the CL - correcting the DISASM glitch, and removing the restriction to HEXEDIT itself. It also includes a couple of subtle changes to the HEPAX/A and XF/A sub-functions, adding a few extra functions to the list.

Soon at TOS, and happily running on my CL Flash in the meantime...


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Making a masterpiece even better? That's a task that only a master can do! Thanks in advance.

Thank you Ángel!

Thanks Jürgen but I ain´t no master! far from it really, I just keep poking and tinkering until it sort of works :-)

There wasn't much available space to begin with, so there's nothing earth-shattering in revision 1E. Here are the specifics:

1. patch for the DISASM glitch on the CL. It also works on the HEPAX but defaults to Bank-4

2. patch for HEXEDIT to work on the HEPAX itself (bank-1 only!)

3. added function PGSUM to calculate and write page checksums

4. added function RLSRAM from Sebastian Toelg's NEXT ROM

5. added function VME - couldn't resist it - DO NOT USE on the CL!

6. added functions CLEM, RTN? and XQ>GO to the XF/A subfunction list

7. enabled a few more entries in the HEPAX/A subgroup - they're already in the main FAT so nothing new.


Edited: 28 Apr 2013, 11:44 a.m.

Hi Ángel, all,

Congrats (again) on this new achievement.

You've got mail.

All the best.