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Full Version: "HP RPN Calculator Users" group on LinkedIn
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Hi all,

I thought I would let you know of a group on LinkedIn that I have just discovered (and joined) yesterday.

Its name is "HP RPN Calculator Users", and at today's count only has 9 members (including me); but the group was only started at the very end of last year, so is still very young.

LinkedIn is primarily a networking site, so this is to make contact with lots of people - the more the merrier; this is not a competition to this *very* active forum site.

Go have a look, and if you're not on LinkedIn, then maybe this would be an opportunity to join, as it really does an excellent job of connecting people.


PS: I have no affiliation with LinkedIn, and I didn't start this group. I just thought you might want to know.

Just joined - thanks. I am not very active in LinkedIn though - that is on my list of things to do.


I was active until I realised it seems to be primarily a way of vulture-like recruiters to pray on you.

That is a big problem. Especially as some of them don't care when you tell them you are not suitable for or not interested in the job. I had to call a client of one of those recruiters once to tell them I was not interested. The recruiter set up an interview despite me telling him the job was not for me.

Hi Chris, Harald,

I perfectly understand, and recruiters indeed lurk everywhere in LinkedIn, but that's also one of its benefits. But although it's full of recruiters, it's even more full of people networking, and that's the real draw. What you experienced, Harald, is the forceful equivalent of the old fashioned phone calls you still used to get from recruiters for 10 years after you get your job :-(

It doesn't stop me from using Linkedin. It does have its benefits. There are interesting discussions going on and sometimes a recruiter might even come in handy. ;)

Recruiter troubles aside, the real problem is that the group is not called "HP RPL Calculator Users"