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Full Version: HHC 2013 Website up and running
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FYI: The official HHC 2013 website is up and running, and registrations to attend are being accepted:


As always, the missing info will get filled in as the conference approaches. For example, the post-conference outing is still being arranged at this time.

See you in Fort Collins, Colorado, on September 21st! Bring your new Prime!


Really nice website and interesting event.

Best regards,

PS: If the HHC2013 was 3 to 8 weeks earlier then I would be there. But here in Germany (NRW) the holidays are over, kids have to go to school and so on...
Maybe HHC2014 could be my first HHC. :-)

The committee still seems to think that travel and hotels are cheaper after mid-September, and schedules the conference on that basis. However, my own experience is that there is only a weak correlation, if any.

I'd be impressed if the site ran on a HP calculator.

It's certainly doable, and Contiki could probably do it with ease.

The question is, how hard is it to get Contiki running on an S3C2440, with networking over USB?