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Full Version: HP-IL + 82143A Printer.
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Hi everybody!

Is there any known uncompatibility between them?

I've tried to plug an HP-IL 82161A Cassete + 82143A Printer to my old '41C and it hangs. Also tried with my NIB 41CX (200Euros on e-bay... I'm not the guy that burnt $639!! -Ouch!! :-)

If someone can flood some info over that issue I'll be very happy.

Thanks and greetings from the Canary Islands.

Have you set the disable switch the IL adapter? This switch must be set to disable when you have both IL module and 82143 printer. The 41 thinks the printer should be on the IL Loop but it's not since it is directly connected.


I will pay more attention while reading manuals next time, promised.

Thank you very much.