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Full Version: New version of the WP34s iOS emulator
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In his infinite wisdom, Apple just approved a minor update of the WP34s emulator.
It contains:

- Copy & Paste
- the standard library is now included
- a key click option
- a very minimal help meant to stay this way. My english is not good enough and my time not extensible enough for me to write a better one
- Slightly improved keyboard images (hard to see, a free iOS emulator to the ones who find the differences :-)
- Import/export memory files through iTunes

I'm thinking about a better way to display at least the top alpha line so it is not so low-res and still considering an Android version. But no ETA yet, not even sure I'll have enough free time.

Thanks for making the gold and blue shift functions easier to see. :)

This is wonderful! Thank you for all the hard work!


Whoa there! Forgive my hibernation. Am I to understand that there is an iOS version of a physical WP-34S?

If so, can I just find it in the Apple App Store by the name WP-34S?

Edited: 15 Apr 2013, 6:50 p.m.

Yes, just search for
WP 34s


Actually, I just got it and I am extremely impressed! So, where can I find manuals for it (preferably PDF files)?

Click on the (i) symbol on the screen then Help and you will have direct links.

Any way to replace the keyboard bitmaps? Are they in the program package or in the sandbox folder?

There are in the program and I do not plan to allow the user to replace them yet (i.e. no multiple skin support): too much work.
Anyway, you would need 7 different bitmaps & the associated skins so nothing simple here neither.

No problem :)

I guess I'll jailbreak my iPhone and replace them (or just winterboard them), but I can't jailbreak my iPad any more :(

Why do you want that?

To match my physical WP 34S calculators, that have a custom overlay with shifted functions on top, and menu keys reversed instead of underlined.

To match my physical WP 34S calculators ... with shifted functions on top ...

Oh, I didn't know of WP 34S keys with slanted tops so far ...



With yellow and blue shift function labels above the keys, and alpha to the left and green shift function labels on the bottom key slant.

And made some of the function labels more consistent with older HPs, and having separate yellow and blue shift labels in some cases.

Edited: 23 Apr 2013, 12:03 a.m.

I know. Just wanted to point to consistency and coherence. Slants are at the bottom, alpha is at the bottom, so why put f- and/or g-shifted labels at the top? All shifts on one side, not like after a bomb blast. But that's an old topic ...