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Full Version: Repair HP 45
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Hi, I am fixing up my hP 45 calculator. There is a thin plastic sheet between the keys and depressable contacts. I believe the purpose of the thin plastic is to prevent debris from enter the internals and provides some "tightness" for the keys. Similarly the HP 34 and 32's use a thin gray plastic sheet and a thin foam or rubber sheet.

Any thoughts on an appropriate replace plastic sheet for the 45?

Most calculator manfacturers simply used adhesive tape, that should work as well (quality brand, like TESA, Scotch etc. highly recommeded, as the glue tends to decompose very fast on the cheap tapes)

It's basic polyethene blown film so any thin plastic bag cut to the proper size is a suitable replacement. I would not use the thicker "freezer" bags, stick with the thin "sandwich" bags which are typically 1 mil or 0.001 inch (~25 um) in thickness.

+1 to Randy's post. I've had pretty good luck with sheets cut from sandwich bags.