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Full Version: HP-67 app for iPhone?
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Hi there. One of my favourite Classics I have is my 67. So, is there an HP-67 app for the iPhone?

Hi there. One of my favourite Classics I have is my 67. So, is there an HP-67 app for the iPhone?

Too bad RPN-67 is for the iPad only. I found Legendary 67, but it is $15.99. Have not downloaded it.

Yeah, after I posted this, I founded that too. And I was just going to ask if anyone here has tried it. Well, I look forward to the feedback from this group about 'Legendary 67.'

Just got the PRO version of RPN-67 for my iPad mini. A very well made application!

Thanks so much for pointing this out. I just downloaded RPN-67 Pro to my iPad Mini, and it seems well worth the modest $4.99 USD price. They also have a nice website at CuVee Software with detailed information and free card libraries for download.

I also have previously purchased an app RPN-45 HD from them with a supercharged version of the HP 45 that can do linear, quadratic and cubic equations, date arithmetic, random numbers, linear regression, permutations and combinations.

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How does RPN-67 PRO look an an iPad Mini? I have it on my original iPad and absolutely love it, but I wondered if it would be too reduced in size on a mini to be worthwhile. But I would love a version I can carry in my pocket.

As to the one offered for the iPhone, I'd be tempted to get it if it were not so expensive and it seems to offer a lot less than the RPN-67 PRO. I am hoping the developer will drop the price on the iPhone HP-67 app.

The size is perfect for an iPad Mini. You can run it in either portrait or landscape view. In landscape view it's smaller with the register contents shown on the side so the keys are a bit small, but in portrait view it's shown alone true size. The only issue I have is that they've shown it as viewed straight down and the black shifted legends on the front of the keys are hard to see, especially at the bottom. It would have been better if they'd viewed it at an angle from the front. The graphic resolution and rendering is excellent.

Thanks. Nice to know that RPN-67 is useful on the mini.

I, too, have difficulty reading the functions on the front slope of the keys


I emailed the developer of the Legendary 67 for iPhone. Wanted to find out if it is possible to import programs from text or any other medium. He said not currently, but that he is working on that capability.

I already have RPN-67 PRO which can read programs from various sources, such as from this website. While the price for Legendary 67 is high, I might consider it if I could interchange programs with the other, but if one has to retype in every program, I don't have a lot of interest at this point.