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Full Version: WP 34s Solve
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I love how the WP 34s shows the value on screen of an integral as the iterations progress. It is neat to watch the answer converge on the final approximation. Would it be doable to implement this on solve on future upgrades (also emulator)?

Yes, in principle. In integration, however, there is a sum approaching the integral - in solving there is a function value aproaching zero or an x approaching the root. Which value do you want to see?


Due to the algorithm used, solve doesn't necessarily approach the root directly. Once the root is bracketed, one estimate can stay the same and wildly incorrect while the other converges. It would take extra code to figure out which to display -- nothing too difficult of course. Look at trunk/xrom/solve.wp34s from the source repository.

Since the 34S is in bug fix only mode at the moment, I'm not planning on improving the solver. The source is available, thus, anyone can code an improved solver and submit it for inclusion.

- Pauli

Thanks! That makes sense. The root that is being converged upon is what I think would be neat. Thanks for the explanation.