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Full Version: Strange video
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OK, it's only an ALG machine, not the holy grail of RPN, but this seems deranged:

hp10b destruction

Sometimes the mind does strange things.

Cheers, Peter.


... but this seems deranged:...

Fourteen minutes of video - who has the patience to watch this?
But if I remember correctly, we once came to a kind of agreement on this forum that the 10B must be the worst product HP ever made. So in the end it got what it deserved ;-)


Follows a mass murder in a school. :(

I'm so used to take a big care of my stuff that I can't even imagine this kind of distruction, even of a ALG calculator....give it somebody who need, how many people hate or maybe just don't know RPN machines.....
actually I'd not the patience to watch entirely the video to check it but, even defective, there's nothing worst than destroying just for the pleasure to do it ;-)

Edited: 3 Apr 2013, 3:20 p.m.

I did this to my HP SmartCalc 300S. Horrible turd of a machine not even fit for the kids to play with.

Perhaps you mean the first generation 10BII? I have 2 of the original 10B and they are quite nice for what you get -- mind you, I still can't get used to algebraic notation. The 10B's (original, that is) are no 17B or 17BII but quite serviceable in their own right.

The 10B is a nice, cheap (I might have said "disposable" but given the context of this thread..., that would a tragedy) financial calculator. Probably not in the class of the 10BII+, but I don't have one of those.

I can't quite see the point of destroying something like this. Maybe I missed something and it had a fault of some kind (didn't put my ear-buds in until after it was under way and did not watch more than a few minutes). Sad and sickening to watch.

Joerg paid him to do that.

Good one.

Cheers, Joerg

Since 2008, not a lot of vision of financial professionalz, I think... :D

He did not want to destroy the calc, he is only rebel against the interest-based economy. Maybe he is the grandson of Silvio Gesell... In this case need only disassembly the first row...

I thought you'd "like" that.