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Full Version: HP-41C Transition to HP-28C book?
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I am aware of a book written for those familiar with the HP-41C making the transition to the HP-48SX. Was there a similar book written to assist those making the transition from the HP-41C to the HP-28C?

Not of which I am aware. IIRC, there was an appendix in the 28S manual briefly explaining some key differences between the two devices, but this was not in the 28C manual.

EDIT: The appendix did appear in the 28C Reference Manual -- not in the 28C Getting Started Manual. --sjt

I believe Bill Wickes wrote the 41->48 Transitions book at the urging of [Richard Nelson &] Jim Carter (EduCALC) to mitigate the difficulties like those experienced by some users when moving from the 41-series to the 28C/S -- that is, to cut down on the support requests. Somebody, anybody! please correct me if I'm wrong.

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I bought that book and read about half of it before giving up completely. My fault, no doubt, my brain was too ingrained in RPN - although funny enough that didn't stop me from learning C and C++ later on, yet was never able to feel comfortable with RPL - maybe had to do with the tool at hand.

I am probably THE worst case of RN to RPL migration case. In 1990 I wrote a short book, which was published by Educalc, about programming in RPL!!! And here I am, still shying away from RPL!!! I am a very hopeless case, despite the fact the fact that I am a programming language junkie!




I was fortunate to get a copy of your book, "Introduction to RPL," a few years ago and found it to be very helpful in learning RPL.

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Hi all,

I made the switch from RPN (used a HP 41CV) to RPL in the early 90's (when I purchased my first HP 48GX) & it felt very foreign & complex at first, but in the longer run I found it was worth the perseverance.

Wasn't aware of Bill Wickes' book: "HP41->48 Transitions" until a few years ago & found the read very interesting. This small book provides a real insight into what the HP 28 & 48 development teams were aiming to achieve & their reasoning for the need to go away from RPN. You can imagine the debates/arguments that would have taken place within the HP Corvallis teams back then.



Namir, is the book still available? It would be great if you have an electronic version that could be converted to PDF and made available on the hpcalc.org or the museum DVDs.