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Full Version: HP 41CX Survey Pac
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I have recently reinstalled batteries in a HP 41CX with a
Survey Pac. I can't get the survey pac to function properly. When I enter the program and xeq a part of the program I get XROM with a little T as an exponent. Does anyone know what I need to do to get the program to work properly?

What do you mean by "When I enter the program"?

The Survey Pac is a module that fits in one of the four ports at the top of the calculator. Once inserted, the programs are available for execution.

Does a Catalog 2 give the list of Survey Pac programs?

This sounds like it may not be the HP "Survey PAC". Some third-party ROMS depended on other ROMS to be to be present in the system. It is also possible you have an XROM Conflict, or are trying to call an Extended Function using a HP41CV without an extended function module installed??

Is that HP 00041-14004 SURVEYING I pack?

Did it work before you replaced batteries?

When I begin to execute the survey pac program it does not give me the response that it should. On the display it says 1 XROM(little t)and the program designation (curve or trav). I don't know if the module was working before I installed the batteries because it was used by someone at my office previously and then stored away. The module that I am using is the HP 41C Surveying Pac written on the module itself says "Surveying I". Is the module damaged or is there some keystrokes that will make it run properly? Also what is an XROM conflict?
Thanks for your input with this problem.

Edited: 27 Mar 2013, 10:32 a.m.

Sounds like you may be trying to run the program but while you are in PRGM mode.

Is a little PRGM in the display when you see this?

If so, press the PRGM "button" on the top right of the calculator and try it again.

Gene's probably got it.

PRGM (Program) mode is used to WRITE programs, not RUN them. Program mode is active when the PRGM indicator shows in the lower right of the display, and the HP-41C records keystrokes into a program rather than executing them.

When executing programs, the HP-41 needs to be in Run mode (anti-Program mode) and there is no status indicator, it is just the normal mode of the calculator, the one it turns on in. It sounds like you know how to execute a program; 'XEQ' 'ALPHA' (spell out function name) 'ALPHA'.

It sounds like the module is working fine. In normal (not PRGM) mode, execute a 'CATALOG' 2 and you should see "SURVEY 1B" in the list of 'modules' that displays.

Each module has an XROM number. The HP-41C uses that number instead of the module's name to keep track of it and its programs (computers like numbers as identifiers better than names). There are only 31 XROM numbers available in the HP-41C system specification, and some modules used identical numbers. The classic XROM conflict arises when two modules with the same XROM number are installed at the same time in the HP-41C. When that happens, the HP-41C will, in many cases, execute programs, functions, and subroutines from the module in the lowest numbered slot when the user is trying to execute programs from the module in the higher numbered slot. Obviously, havoc results (no hardware damage, but the software doesn't work at all).

Thank you very much. Being in program mode was what I was doing wrong.
I was thinking there was something wrong with the module.
Thanks again.