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Full Version: Simple sample programs for the HP-41CX?
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Hello all,

As I mentioned in my first thread here I am learning to use my fathers old HP-41CX. I am trying to create some simple programs/scripts that convert GB to TB and Mbps into TB/hr as 2 examples..simple IT type scripts if you will.

I am not a software developer so my skills are basically null. Is there a website that goes over basic programming for the HP-41C class of calculators? I just purchased the iDevice app i41CX+ so I can practice even when the physical calculator isn't around.

Sorry for the rudimentary question..I am literally starting from square one.


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The museum DVD set has the original manuals which were extremely well written. They were a pleasure to get through, and when I was done, I felt like I knew the machine without ever having gotten to "the hard part"-- because there was no hard part.

The CDs and DVDs are available at http://www.hpmuseum.org/cd/cddesc.htm . Since you have a 41cx, I would definitely recommend an actual pair of 41cx manuals, as the cx had far more than a 41c did. I know there were other books like "Programming the HP-41c Made Easy," but I never saw the need, as the actual HP manuals, at least by the time I got mine in '86, were so extremely well written.

agreed. just check out the roots of quadratic equation example. I learned programming on the HP 41 CX.

sadly, it died a few years back.

The 41CX manuals (2 volume set) are a great resource for learning how to program the calculator.
Volume 1 covers the basic operations of the calculator, while Vol 2 (especially pp 280-351) have more programming examples.