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Full Version: Getting back to the CL
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Got a new v3 CL from Monte and updated my old v2 with new images.

Quick question;

Which combo of Power_CL and/or Library #4 and/or AMC-OSX (4?) should I use to get the most umpfh out of my beauty? And how do I plug LIB4 into page #4?

"804040-8120" XEQ "YPOKE" to point the page 4 MMU entry to Library-4

The latest and greatest of course - paired with YFNP.

The four-banks Power_CL or the Lib#¤-dependent Power_CL...or? Are these two different versions... or?

Questions, questions.

Hi Geir, sorry to use the dreadful sentence but it's all explained in the manual. The latest release of the Power_CL has four banks and uses Library#4 (so it's a 4x4 deal).

The ROM id# in the CL Module Database is PWRL (I think, I always use a fresher copy from sRAM). Let me know if you have doubts and I'll send you the ROM images via email.


Edited to add:
I see the confusion may be in that there is another version of the CL_Utils available in the CL Library, which also uses Library#4. That is the module "4UTL" - but note that that's not bank-switched, as it was an earlier project that provided Lib#4 enhancements for the (even earlier) "CLUT" module...

so the time line would be:

1. CLUT - initial module, 4k, no Lib#4

2. 4UTL - Lib#4 enhancement for the above

3. PWRL - 4-banks enhancement for the above..

Hope this clarifies :-)

Edited: 20 Mar 2013, 8:48 a.m.

In summary:

YFNP in Page 8 (Port 1, Lower) (or pick another appropriate page)
PWRL in Page 9 (Port 1, Upper) (or pick another appropriate page)
4LIB in Page 4 (YPOKE "804040-8120")

I recommend immediately assigning the '(summation)CL' function to the CL(summation) key, and learning how to use it.

Excellent & to-the-point. Thanks.