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Full Version: Saturn on Android_OS and i-OS
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Video HP50G (Saturn on i-OS)


Please port HP50G (Saturn) to Android-OS

PC source code of Emu48+.exe (Emulation of saturn on HP50 (no ARM))


Edited: 15 Mar 2013, 11:45 a.m.

Holy smokes that is fast! Imagine if they would port this to Android, how fast the 50G would be with the better hardware we can purchase in the more open Android market! :-) Good times ahead...wonder when they'll do it?

And WHY on earth has HP not made a "Genuine HP" licensed emulator for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, etc? This could have been a money-maker for them, when many would pay $10 or whatever for a genuine HP app. Unbelievable almost that they have not pursued this, and left it to the third-party market, such as it is.

Edited: 15 Mar 2013, 1:55 p.m.

A calculator with the most horrid interface known to man (touch) and a battery life less than a day. No thanks :)

Typed with my banana fingers on a Nokia Lumia 820 making merely 27 typos on the way and tethered to a mini usb...

A calculator with the most horrid interface known to man (touch) and a battery life less than a day. No thanks :)

Haha. :-) Understood, and I am in no way implying HP should cease production of *real* physical calculators. Quite the opposite, they should update the 50G with a higher resolution screen & faster CPU, etc.

I agree a phone/tablet is not ideal compared to individual keys for a lot of calculations.
However, there is no denying that you do not *always* have your calculator with you. The cell phone or small tablet on the other hand - people seem to take them everywhere, even in the restroom! :-) Not to mention when you just want to do a really quick calculation.

So, there is a market for an app like this. I would not use the app myself when I am at my desk with the calculator, but when I am out and about ... well, that's exactly what the mobile app is for.

I agree that it's a good idea to have your calculator virtual for times you won't be carrying the physical one.

However, it's likely that HP wouldn't get sufficient returns on a virtual edition to justify doing it. Unless perhaps a free version could translate into sales of real calculators.

A phenomenon with apps is that consumers expect everything for free (or very cheap) since they don't overtly associate value with intangibles. Most [Android] apps are now using the "freemium" model, where the app is free but there is some paid-for upgrade. Which parts of a virtual calculator are to be free and which are premium? Whatever you choose, people will complain.

Nevertheless, other manufactures are releasing virtual versions of their calculators. It might be worth HP doing this from a brand awareness or marketing point of view rather than strict justification of sales.

You just got me to thinking of something . . . the thing to do would be for HP to get it bundled in with a new phone and tablet - already pre installed, built into the operating system, like the little 4 banger calculator is. :-)

Talk about instant brand awareness! I wonder how many people in the world (we're talking millions) would click on the little calculator app on their phone/tablet and say, "Made by HP? I didn't know HP made calculators!" and then, that might actually turn into tangible sales of physical calculators like you say.

it's an app developer's dream to get an OEM bundle. But since we're talking HP here, they could do it.

So HP release their own virtual calculator for Android and offer it to OEMs in place of the rather lame calculator usually bundled with it. Furthermore, what about HP's own other products. Didn't i read they might be back in the tablet business? put it on those too.