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Full Version: HP Calculator Sales Numbers
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Is there anyplace I can find either how many of each model were produced or how many were sold? I'm interested in what HP sold of each model in the first decade (1972-about 1982).

Somewhere I read they sold about 300,000 of the HP-35, but I am curious how the other models fared.


I would be completely unsurprised if even HP didn't have that information for models introduced before 1997, with the possible exception of the 12C. If they do still have those records, they're unlikely to be willing to disclose the numbers. That's another kind of information about which "Those who know, don't say, and those who say, don't know."


That sort of information is considered top secret by the bean counters in every company, but it's a subject of conjecture by aficionados. That's why you will see first and last known serial numbers for some of the more important calculators published here and there on the net.

I have seen a guess of two million hp-41s sold plus another million's worth in parts, replacement calculators and misc like give aways and samples. I don't know where blanknuts fit in in all that. That number is believable for a calc with an 11 year run.

The amazing thing to me is how many are still in daily use. Some are also of educational value, such as the one(s?) at the air and space museum. The former county surveyor here in Contra Costa County Ca. has 4 or 5 of his on display under glass in the county engineering building along with some other "antique" surveying gear.

My guess if HP says anything, it will be very vague. The HP 12C should be the number one seller.

Thanks all for your insights !