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Full Version: Does anyone want dead 82001 battery packs?
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I have three 82001 battery packs that I pulled out of calculators (45 and 65s). Does anyone want these to salvage the plastic frame and rebuild the packs? I am not enough of a purist so I went ahead and bought the modern equivalents.

Yes please, happy to pay postage, if you're happy to post them to Australia :-)


And if you are happy to post to Germany, I'd take them as well.
But I guess that is unfair. First come first serve...

Oh Harald, I'm willing to share if Michae is willing to post to two different locations, or posting to one of us, then forward some to the other person ??


Thanks, John.

I think we'll let Michael decide.


John and Harald, I can send them in a couple of directions. There may be other things from my stash of things that you will want so let me get the collection in order and figure out what is worth selling trading or just passing on to good homes. My primary goal is to get one 65 in working order to keep for myself because they have such sentimental value for me. I know I'll need the help of this community for that.

Edited: 14 Mar 2013, 10:26 p.m.

Yes, I agree, the 65 is a really nice machine!
I wouldn't give away any parts away before you have one of the calculators working. You never know what you might need.