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Full Version: Athana DC100A Tapes
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I have asked Athana (www.athana.com) for some DC 100A tapes but have had no answer. Anyone knows whether these guys are still alive? Is it possible to find DC100A tapes today in another place ?

I've used DC1000 tapes in place of the DC100A tapes in the 9815 and 9825 machines. They're easier to find, longer and work just as well.

The cheaper DC1000 tapes I have found sell for 80USD each!
Pretty expensive!

Finally Athana has been so kind to send a list of prices. You can buy as many tapes as you want for $52 each. Not cheap, but at least there is still a source for new tapes. Does anyone remember how much did cost a DC 100A cartridge in 1982?

$80, that sounds like an ebay price.
Here's a better price.

Edited: 13 Mar 2013, 4:06 a.m.

I have contacted them. Cant believe there is such huge price difference on eBay.

Thank you!

I was at the Weird Stuff warehouse in Santa Clara a few weeks back and bought about 10 QIC tapes, most new, for $1 each. So far they all work fine in my HP-85, which admittedly has had Larry Atherton's tape mechanism upgrade.