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Full Version: Updated HP-41 Flex-PCB replacement guide.
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Hi all,

An updated version of the Flex-PCB replacement guide (ver.2) for the HP-41 I/O block is available.

Follow the link in the corresponding page here.

Some hints from a friendly user (thanks Dan) regarding the initial positioning a long with a detailed reference to the "pre-bending" piercing process have been included.

Text font and pics quality have also been improved.

Hope you find it useful.

All the best.


Great Job. I recommend everyone get this while they can and put it away for a future repair.

Note - The bottom of page 6 seems to be missing some text.

Hi David,

Thanks for your kind words on my projects, and the note regarding the missing words at the bottom of page 6.

It should have said: "...tabs are alignged with the corresponding contact tracks area of the Flex-PCB."

Now it has been corrected in the on-line document too(*). :-)

All the best and enjoy your 41's!


(*)Humm... Seems that, although uploaded, it will take a while to be effectively available. :-(

Edited: 12 Mar 2013, 2:24 p.m.