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Full Version: Authentic HP85 color?
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Which is the authentic HP85 plastic color?
I have found pictures in which it looks totally white, others almond and others light beige.
My HP85 is dark-yellow!. I have taken a look behind the cap and the color there looks light beige.

Then which is the true color of HP85?


If my memory serves me well it was clear beige right out of the box...

(It was in 1982 though... :-)

A previous thread also deals with this trouble here.

Cheers and good luck with the colour recovering.


I have used a single product:


I have applied this product alone, no other product mixed with it.

Before testing the product on the whole case, I have tried putting a small drop on some hidden part. Two hours after, the circle under the drop was clear beige!
Then, I have taken appart the HP85, and have covered the upper side with a thick layer of Vanish-Oxi-Action foam. Couple hours later it was clear beige. Not exactly the tone at the bottom side but almost there. It was a little darker. Probably the process could be repeated to clear up the tone even further but it has done a wonderful job! Probably it would work as well in less than 2 hours.

I haven't used this product on a calculator but I can attest that the Vanish soap bar frothed up with a little water makes a good job of removing nicotine stains from the vinyl covering on old radios (and a better job than expensive foam cleaners on the cloth upholstery of car seats).