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Full Version: Fresh at this but excited: questions about 71B connectivity
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Hello all,

I'm new at this, having just bought two (!) HP-71Bs off eBay. Now I'm wondering if there's any way I can connect these machines to (1) modern desktops, (2) electrical equipment like stepping motors etc., (3) each other! I have HP-IL interfaces, which I understand to be based on IEE-488

Thank you.


I have HP-IL interfaces, which I understand to be based on IEE-488
Yes, it's basically a serial implementation of it. The HP82169A is the interface converter between HPIL and HPIB (or IEEE-488), and since the two are so similar, the converter has a mode where it's nearly transparent, so equipment on the IEEE-488 side looks like it's on HPIL. I've used it to connect lots of lab equipment. There's also the HP82165A HPIL-to-parallel converter, the HP81164A HPIL-to-serial (RS-232) converter (and the FSI164A near-equivalent from Firmware Spelialists that has more channels), and another smaller parallel converter whose number I can't think of right now. I'm sure someone else will tell you about the PIL box and another similar product for interfacing to PCs. (I'm not qualified.)

Don't forget the HP 82166A! HP-IL to Parallel Bus converter. It is like the HP165A, but smaller and has pins on the Parallel side instead of the plug.

Thanks. That's the one I was trying to remember.

The combination of the PIL-Box from Jean-Fran├žois Garnier
with the HP-IL emulators of Christoph Gie├čelink
are the modern day HP-IL tools that allow you transfer files
(programs, data, etc) between the HP-41/71/75 and the PC

I wrote to Garnier about his PIL-Box but he never responded. Does anyone know if he still builds the things?



The last time I exchange emails with JF was a year ago.

I need to order another PIL-Box for my testing.

I will communicate with him in three weeks to confirm the price and availability.

I will let you known of the result.

Best regards,


Thank you Sylvain, I appreciate it.

Hello John,

I have contacted Jean-Francois yesterday (march 9) and I received he's replied today (march 10).

So, may be the email you sent was lost or something happen, but if you contact him he will surely reply within a day or two.

Best regards,


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Edited: 10 Mar 2013, 6:10 p.m.

So... can you provide any details about price and availability. I'm seriously interested in the PIL-Box too...