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Full Version: LED displays and your kitchen floor
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I've heard for years that Future Wax was the way to go for clearing up fine scratches on models with LED displays. Well, tried it last night on a TI as a test and it looked horrible. Perhaps I didn't use enough; I applied it with a Q-tip. Some patches were smooth & shiny, others rough and slightly foggy. And yes, the plastic was cleaned thoroughly before application. Luckily, 409 spray cleaner strips the stuff without damaging the plastic underneath.

Perhaps if I flood the plastic with a little lake of the wax and let it dry, the surface may be more uniform?

Anyone done this and have it turn out ok?


I'm an astronomer amateur, HP user and scale modeller too. For clearing up fine scratches on models with LED displays (sic), I use tooth paste. Really efficient! Yours.

I have had good luck using Brasso to polish out fine scratches.