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Full Version: Almost totally OT: Looking for Sharp EL-9900G ROM upgrade
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Is anybody here who knows how to upgrade the ROM of a Sharp EL-9900G graphics calculator to the most recent version 4.1? I've just got a CE-LK4 cable which only works with the most recent firmware. It seems to be impossible to find a download location (or instructions) on the Web. My device does not show the ROM version in its MEMCHK screen, so it must contain an old 3.x firmware.

Maybe I could help you, Marcus! ;-)

I have the EL-9900G emulator (official version of Sharp), and this package contains a file el9900gs_ver410.sim which has exactly 1MB size and looks very much like a ROM image.

I guess this is exactly what you're looking for, but I have no idea how you could upload this ROM image to your real calculator!? (Maybe you have a link/transfer program for this purpose?)

If you want the complete EL-9900G emulator package, then let me know (and send me an email, because I just saw that you email adress is no longer in my mail account).



thanks for your help. I already found the .sim file you are referring do. But without a means to download it to the calculator I'm stuck.

It might be that my device does not come with flash memory at all or that special gear is needed to upgrade it. It seemed easier to order a more recent calculator (an El-9900G SII) and keep the original as is. This way I can experiment with device to device communication as well.

Since I do have both a USB amd a serial cable, a copy of the CE-LK2 sotware may help me connect to the EL-9900G. My attempts with the EL-GrafikLink package from Yellow Computing were fruitless.

Communication with CE-LK4 is working now. I've had a cable problem (connector was not pushed in completely).