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Full Version: HP01 on ebay
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Today I found HP's calculator watch on ebay Germany, starting bid € 599,-, currently no bid, 4 days left. What is your guess about the winning bid? There are two other offers on ebay, claiming a starting bid of about $ 6.000,- !


What is your guess about the winning bid?

Almost impossible to say - so few of them are being sold every year that every one has it's own price tag. The last one I bought (in 2011) cost around 300 Euros, fully working, case, bracelet and glass in very good state, but with a worn keyboard (probably from using the wrong kind of tool for pressing the keys). As a bonus, it came with the rare battery replacement tool. If I remember correctly, I was the only one who bid on it. So this one could go for the starting bid as well.