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Full Version: [hp41] reading the catalog under program control
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Hi, is there a way that I can read the stored program names like a catalog and store the program names ?
Or maybe redirect the output of a catalog in a ASCII list in extended memory?
I could not find so far any way but Iam new to the HP41 so I might have missed it.

Edited: 25 Feb 2013, 8:44 a.m.

I don't believe that it can be done with any HP standard functions, including those in extension modules. It is possible to provide for such function in a well designed Sythetic Program, no M-Code required. It would require curtain manipulation and decoding of the HP-41 Global Label chain. Others may have done it already.

Just thinking out loud.
Maybe one way of of doing it is to put manually a program name list in the extended memory and then work with it.
Drawback is that the user has to generate and maintain this list .

I have transferred now my little helper programs(about 20) to the HP41 and I am exploring if I can get rid of my little booklet which tells me which program has what key assignment.
On my HP48 is was a simple directory structure to keep organized.
The HP41 does not have this luxury and with that many programs it is not straight forward in associate the key to the program name.

Will all of the 20 programs fit in extended memory (perhaps with one or two Extended Memory modules)? If so, then Catalog 4 (41CX) or EMDIR (Extended Functions module in a 41C or CV) becomes your program directory and programs can be transferred to main memory as needed for execution.

A trick that may help you is to know that the interruption of Catalog 1 leaves the program pointer set at the last label displayed. A way to find and execute a program in main memory is to execute Catalog 1, press R/S when the desired program label is displayed, press the CLX (back arrow key) to exit the catalog, and then press R/S to begin program execution at the program label selected. I use that method frequently.