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Full Version: WP34s IR Printing Update?
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I have a couple questions on the state of IR Printing with the WP34s:

1. Is Prtpgm implemented?

2. What version(s) of the WP34s image support IR printing?

3. Can anyone comment on battery life impact?

Just want to do some homework before I start the hardware tedium.

Thank you,

1. Yes. It's called ⎙PROG and is explained on p.117 in the last v3.1 manual on sourceforge.

2. Every build containing CALC_IR.bin

3. I can't.



Impact on battery life should be minimal. The duty cycle is relatively small (less than 20%) and the driving current is only a few mA. In order to reduce the power consumption further, the output is driven by a timer circuit, not the by CPU. This does not waste any CPU cycles for the timing. The calculator draws 20 mA when running in full speed and executing some function or program. Printing may add just another mA of current, not more.