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Full Version: Unit conversions inside programs on 50g
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Decided to delve accidentally into units inside a program on the 50g. After dredging the abysmal manual, I can't work out how to add a unit to top of stack value inside a program. I can do it not via a program by using the units menu, but am stumped as to how to represent it.

My stack looks like this to start with:

2: 45.5
1: 125

What I want to achieve is the following on the stack:

2: 45.5
1: 125_gal

Also does someone fancy writing HP a proper manual :-)

Any help appreciated!

How about:

1_gal *

Thanks. That did the trick perfectly. I was looking for a much more complicated solution.

I use type coercion regularly, but never thought of unit coercion!