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Full Version: Time for an appeal to HP - free the ROM of the HP-42S!?
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With not the slightest sign from HP putting the HP-42S back in production again (or what would be even better, creating a HP-42SII) wouldn't it be a fair treatment to the members of the HP community to lift the copyright restriction on the HP-42S ROMs?

Just think of the works of Christoph Giesselink (and Hrastprogrammer) and how much easier it would be if these emulators could be distributed with the ROMS...

So to the main question: Does anybody out there know who at HP that is responsible for these kind of questions? And isn't it time for an appeal to HP - to free the ROMs of the HP-42S?


I've talked to a couple of people who have made similar requests and the answer has been "no". I believe that no one is really currently "in charge" of this which is part of the problem. The "no" is sort of a default answer.

Dave told me a while back that he was told he could ask again after the HP-Compaq merger was fully sorted out but it would be "hard".

Uh, HP released all the 48 ROM revisions to the public two years ago. With this fact in mind and the fact that there is *absolutely no reason* releasing the ROMs to calculators that have been discontinued for 7 years or more could harm HP (on the contrary, it could only benefit them), it is beyond me why HP hasn't done this. Even more perplexing is the fact that they have *never* come up with any plausible reason (or any reason at all!) why they shouldn't. I seriously doubt HP's profit would even drop a micro-penny if everyone on earth instantly came into posession of all the HP calc ROMs.

Please HP, wake up and grow a brain. Let's not let the draconian and irrational attitudes of the "old HP" hamper the future development of the calculator community and ultimately your profit.



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