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Full Version: HP10BII+ question (ROM upgrade is possible?!?)
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It is possible to upgrade of HP10BII+ ROM via connector under battery cover? For example I want to do F- and chi2 distribution calculations on this calc like on HP30B...

Yes, but only if you write the rom yourself.

You would have to bump two functions off the keyboard since all locations are full and there are no menu locations.

Best bet? Use the 20b/30b or a 34S.

Hi Gene,

the 10BII+ is, by far, the best designed calculator of all recent HP models [a firm claim is much better than a weak argument]. Fortunately you're right in that feature creep will never be an issue for this particular model :-).


Apart from the screen :-)

- Pauli


Too bad I couldn't get an RPN mode in... :-(



please tell Meg to manufacture all HP calculators with RPN only, algebraic entry is optional.

does she do Management by walking about? ;-)

hpnut in Malaysia

As much as many of us like RPN, doing what you suggest would spell the end of the HP calculator product line. They have to design and manufacture the products that will actually *sell*, which means that algebraic is mandatory, because that's what >99.99% of customers want. Those of us that participate in this forum and other calculator enthusiast communities are unfortunately not representative of the calculator market.

RPN is at best optional, and might in some cases be completely unacceptable even as an option, e.g., due to cost of support calls from customers that accidentally put the calculator into RPN mode and can't figure out how to "fix" it.