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Full Version: Cheap rare HP35 and HP65 report
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I should have discovered it a lot earlier :(

100 yuan each, means about 15 US dollars, and finally sold at 150 yuam for both.


Waon xian sheng, ni hao!

Quite interesting link but far too many Chinese characters to make it easy to decode. By the way, do you use Waon for your family name to express Wan3 ?


OK, so someone sold some calculators pretty cheap.

BUT - that dates back to 2009, so is there really a reason to discuss this?

(Well, dang, *I* did response <g>)


... far too many Chinese characters to make it easy to decode.

Chinese characters? Piece of cake.
There are two possible approaches to deal with Chinese web pages:

1) Learn Chinese (it takes a bit of your time ;-)

2) Install Google Translate into your web browser and configure it to automatically translate the entire web page, when it is in Simplified or Traditional Chinese. Check also option "hoover over text for the translation". It is a bit foolish translation, but you can easily follow it and improves as time passes.

Honestly, I gave up the approach No. 1 after half an hour, when I discovered how to enter Chinese character combination for "download" into Google.

Implementing the approach No. 2 revealed to me the whole new world of invaluable technical discussions, qualified information and extremely polite friends.

The entire web world (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, ...) thus became my oyster.

Btw, I have registered myself on many Chinese technical discussion forums with my e-mail address and have NEVER received any spam e-mails from these forums.

Well, in fact it is not mandarin. It's Wu, a kind of dialect.
If spelled in mandarin syllables, it should be Huang Shengyuan.
And Woan, or Huang, is my family name of course.

There are several calculators forum in Chinese. For example cfanr.net mainly for HP and TI users (however not active recently), and cncalc.org for CASIO and TI users.

There are also other cheap calculators on sale in Taobao, something like ebay. And I really grasped the opportunity this time: hp48s at 100 yuan and hp32sii at 180 yuan.