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Full Version: HP prices on Ebay: List online
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over the last weeks I monitored the sales prices for HP-Calculators on the german ebay (www.ebay.de). I put the results on my homepage. So if you are interested, you find the average prices and price ranges for various models at:




Thank you, most interesting. Euro-to-USD conversion doesn't matter to me (the shipping from Germany would probably swamp any fluctuations), but I was fascinated to see the relationships, the relative pricing. For example, many on the Forum slam the 49G (I'm an anti-fan myself), yet it commanded a price will above any of the 48 series.


Interesting that the 41C sells for more than the 41CV and the HP21 for more than the HP25. There were enough '41 sales to be more meaningful than 21/25 sales though.

Really nice, please continue.

It's also funny to see the auction of a HP27S I buyed two weeks ago. It wasn't really cheap, but it was the only way to get the HP27S ROM image. BTW, the HP27S and the handbook are in excellent condition. So I put the calculator face down onto a scanner and made a nice skin fitting perfectly on a 1024x768 desktop. ;-)



Normally the 41C sells for lower prices than the CV or CX. But someone bought a 41C New-in-Box for 330 Euro. That rises the average price a lot. Without this auction the price would be around 60 Euro.


Nice job, thanks for the information. The graphical representation is very informative. Last November 10th, there was a post from “HP92 Owner”, http://www.hpmuseum.org/cgi-sys/cgiwrap/hpmuseum/archv006.cgi?read=12531. They mentioned they had documented Ebay sales for the last 3.5 years!

3,5 years is really a long time! Would be interesting to see his results. Let's see how long I will keep up the tracking...

By the way: I hope to be able to make an update today.