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Full Version: A Non-Graphing Calculator with CAS? Thoughts...?
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A general question.
When you compare the latest series of NON-Graphing but full matrix display Scientific Calculators that are able to symbolically represent equations in a 'textbook' style.
E:G: TI-36X Pro, FX-991ES Plus, F-789SGA, HP300s

All the above calculators have a formidable collection of scientific capabilities & can display them symbolically.
However, would there be any merit / use in actually taking the next step & incorporating a Computer Algebra System in to non-graphing scientifics' like the above?
Meaning that they could truly operate symbolically, simplify & so on... Just not graph. In fact what they can do already blurs the line somewhat as it is...
Your thoughts?

Edited: 14 Feb 2013, 7:36 p.m.

All I'm gonna say is, I'd buy one. At the right price.