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Full Version: HP41 Blank formulars for program documentation?
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Does any body has blank form sheets for program documentation which he can scan and distribute?
I have a bunch of these for user programs and like to get my own program documentation in line with this format.

From what I see the documentation was as follows:

1. Program Description I
2. Program Description II
3. User Instructions
4. Program Listing
5. Register,Status,Flags,Assignments
6. Keyboard Labeling

following where additional program descriptions and at last bar code sheets.

I hope that not only for me it would be very welcome if someone has blank form sheets and could make scanned copies available.

I found in the MoHPC forum a link to a file called "Programming Pad.pdf" But that looks more like the TI "Program Record" sheets for the SR56 and TI59.

Edited: 13 Feb 2013, 10:29 p.m.

You can find the form you are searching at TOS.

That's right!



Thanks for your help. I got now excellent word documents and also scans of the originals.