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Full Version: Latest Clonix/NoV's SW update.
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Hi all,

A new release of the configuration SW for the Clonix & NoV's series modules has been released and is available for download here as usual.

The main difference is the ability to select the four banks in any of the HP-41 pages.

This is mostly intended to handle Ángel's POWER_CL toolset (four banks version) available at TOS.

Nonetheless, I'm confident that some/many M-code gurus out there can take advantage of this new feature to expand their projects without consuming these scarce HP-41 memory pages.

Enjoy your 41's! :-)


How about 32K of bank-switched hepax ram in one port? :-)

Seriously, what are some ways to configure this that would take advantage of this today?

Hi Gene,

The usage of the bankswitching scheme in the HP-41 system is completely determined by the programmer.

Currently it seems that POWER_CL SW (4 banks version) is the only one released application that was designed to take advantage of this feature.

I'm aware of at least one another programmer who has developed some three banks application. But AFAIK it has never been released to the public domain.

Nontheless, and once the "door is open" (so to say) I'm confident that some other M-coders will take the challenge and begin to fill the extra memory space with different functions in the future.



PS, just for the sake of precision, bankswitching is just aimed to the ROM memory. Although technically possible, bankswitched RAM is, for now, out of the scope of the current implementation in the Clonix/NoV modules.

I think you're looking at this from the wrong angle Gene; it's not about "what good is this for now" - rather about how much more flexibility you can have to use your system.

For many years the HEPAX was an island in the Bank-Switched sea - with an implementation much less restrictive and more powerful than the devised in the HP modules (Advantage and IRPrinter, let alone the CX OS - probably the most idiosyncratic of all.

With the new Clonix configuration capabilities you can decide where and how to burn the HEPAX and the PowerCL. A new version of the SandMath is in the works as well, adding a second bank with the curve fitting programs and MCODE from the AECROM - a superb example of ingenuity on and by itself. The gate is now open, and the fun continues,\.


Edited: 15 Feb 2013, 3:12 a.m.

Hey Angel.

You misunderstand. Ratheer than "WHat good is this?", I was interested in "What are some great other ways I can use it?"


This is all great.

my bad then, glad to see you're on our side!