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Full Version: OT: another photoreal calculator app
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Hi everyone,

I've just released another 3D photoreal calculator on google play - except this one is free! The iOS version could be out by the end of the week if Apple are happy with it. That's also free too. There are no ads or spam with it, ads annoy me.


However, i've had reports that it doesnt work properly with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. If anyone has one of these, i would be most interested in fixing the problem - execept i dont know the cause.

oh yeah, i've lowered the requirements of this app to the older Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). This could be a mistake, because although it works, older Android kit is also a bit too slow. but hey :-)

Sorry, it's not RPN. But an RPN model is high on my list.

-- hugh.

Edited: 11 Feb 2013, 2:07 p.m.

Really nice! Thank you Hugh.


Doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 android 4.0.4 too...

thanks for testing.

hm. i've been trying to figure out why this might not work. from what i've seen the display comes up, but all the textures are missing - except the background. this is weird !

Doesn't work on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 android 4.0.4

Neither on mine, same configuration.
Works fine on the Note I 4.0.4, tough.


Great job, Hugh

Works like a charm on my Nexus4 (Android 4.2.1)
Does not work (the app doesn't even launch) on my Sony Tablet S (Android 4.0.3 - release5a)



Thanks for the testing feedback (everyone).

This is the problem with Android; works like a charm on some models and blows chunks on others!

Everyone can develop software when you just have two or three options to look after... :-)
Keep up the good work and thanks.