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Full Version: Some news for old HP emulator fans! ;-)
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And now the Kangaroo also is emulated on android (see on google play now!)

Go75c emulate a 24KB ram HP75C with MATH, IO, VC, ODS roms. No HPIL support .. BUT

Card reader with longer card emulated (card capacity is up to 24KB), and it can convert .b75, .l75 and .t75 from lif format into card files, see :


P.S. there are still some 'qwirks', but as I don't have a 75 I am not sure if the real behavior is emulated (ie blinking cursor behavior just hinted as it is not very well described in the IDS of the 75). So fell free to tell me is something is not close to real behavior.

P.P.S. the HPIL is not done so any IO command will fail with an error, sorry (even PRINTER IS *)

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Thanks Olivier. I will check Google Play on my Samsung phone until the app appears!!


Got it!!!!!!!!!

Hmm. This could be fun on my 7" Samsung. Thanx!