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Full Version: OT: Beta testers for the dark side of the universe
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A friend of mine developed a Simulator for the TMC0501 based TI calculators (SR-50...TI-59) and is looking for a few beta testers.


I played with it multiple times during the development phase and it is unbelievable accurate! Calculator forensics is precise to the last digits and even knows the differences between the TI-58 and TI-58C. Can't wait to see the SR-60!

Regards, Joerg

Is this a possible basis for an accurate TI-88 emulator? I assume its main chip is a descendant of the TMC0501.

We use YOURS to read the ROM's out???


Did you use the rom of the real machine to 'simulate' it ?

The listing of the patent is barely readable, could it be possible to get a dump of the rom of the TI ?

Unfortunately, the chips in the TI-88 have essentially no similarity to the TMC0501. It is also not at all clear how to read the ROMs of the three custom-designed microcontrollers. It is reasonably likely that the microcontrollers have a test mode, but what little information that is publicly available doesn't describe it.

If I could buy a non-working TI-88, I'd decap and photomicrograph the chips for reverse-engineering.

Yes i use the content of the ROMs. It is a real EMULATOR !!

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Sorry, there is no MINE.