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Full Version: New emulators for Android
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Just to be complete on the Sharp models some new releases

  • go1401, free sharp pc1401 emulator (could be fun to solve some 'quickies')
  • go1402 same with up to 10K of ram plus CE126 emulation for printer and tapes
  • go1403 with matrix, from 4 to 32K of ram plus CE126 emulation for printer and tapes
  • go1421 for our friends in finance, with up to 10K of ram plus CE126 emulation for printer and tapes

The 1402, 1403 and 1421 are paid apps, the 1401 is free

Next one will certainly be an HP75C one ... (and I have some patches to finish for go28s ...)


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I am downloading the go1401. Thanks!

Can't wait to get my new Samsung Galaxy S III in 2 weeks!

Edited: 27 Jan 2013, 11:10 a.m.

HP-75C!!! Sacre Bleu!!!!


Thanks for making more of the Sharp PC emulators available. I've got your gopc1500 and have just bought the go126x. Both work fine on my Nexus 7 and Acer A500.

I tried the go1360, but could not get it to work on either tablets. It runs, but stays locked in RSV mode. I can see the keypresses, but no matter what I press, nothing happens. Maybe there's something else I need to do? Anyway, I unloaded it and got a refund.

Anyway, I'm having fun with the PC-1500 and PC-1262 emulators.


The 1360 has a bug at first start, but you can still use it.

At first start try to press Y to acknowledge the message not displayed.

Or try to stop it and erase data from android applications prefs menu and restart it. It will came alive somehow. I just tested this procedure on my nexus 7.

I will look at this bug.


Edited: 27 Jan 2013, 3:36 p.m.

Thanks for your reply.

The 1360 has a bug at first start, but you can still use it

It will came alive somehow

Well, that's kind of a serious bug for a paid application.

Since you are charging for these emulators, you need to flag if there are known problems with them, so that a person can make an informed decision on spending the money.

I'll wait awhile before trying it again. After I see a later version posted.


The new version should appear on Google Play today.

I make extensive tests and even external beta test is done, but some subtle bugs can always happen (even in HP rom, see numerous release of various rom products).

In this case it was the initial value of a variable which was 'true' in lieu of 'false'.

And if nobody report a bug, it won't be corrected :)

Just re-purchased PC1360 and installed on Nexus 7, Acer A500 and a Droid X phone.

Works great!! Thanks for your fast response.

It's actually quite usable on the Droix X phone..

Now to load some sample programs into it.

One last item - have you given any thought to using the Sharp PC-1500A rom with your gopc1500 emulator? If so, then I think I could get my dump of forth running on it.

Thanks again for the nice Sharp emulators.