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Full Version: Snake for HP39GII
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Hi all,

Here is an improved "snake program" for HP39GII that I wrote for a french 39GII contest (to win the calc). Unfortunaly I had no much time so the first version was buggy. The new one is bug free.

Snake for HP39GII

Note that it works in the same way (and same speed) on a real calc

I will post the code source later, because I'm not sure about the the contest rules.

Hi Gilles,

I will update all the programs on Calc-Bank after the result of the contest.
You could update the archive with your new version :)

Anyway, you can see all the HP-39gII programs (screenshots only for the moment) here :


Edited: 25 Jan 2013, 10:56 a.m.

Salut Mic !

Je n'arrive pas à retrouver ce fichier archive pourtant le code est sur ma HP39 et je clique sur ENVOI :(

J'ai l'impression que la commande ENVOI ne fonctionne pas chez moi...

Il y a des problèmes de transferts (sûrement une nouvelle version arrive).
Persiste en rééteignant la calculatrice branchée puis la rallumant.
J'ai du m'y prendre à plusieurs reprises par exemple pour mettre à jour l'OS et ça a marché une fois je ne sais pas trop comment...

There are transfer problems (probably a new version arrives).
Persist by switching off the calculator connected then on again.
I had to try several times, for example to update the OS and it was done once I do not know how ...

It works ... I'd send to you the file v1.1

In fact I had no understood that I need the emulator 'on' to transfer a file from the real calc to the PC. It seems you can't do this with the connectivity kit which works directly in the calculator memory and copy nothing on the PC (at least it seems work like this)

With XP, the binaries files are in
C:\Documents and Settings\_user_name_\Application Data\HP39gII

Edited: 25 Jan 2013, 12:58 p.m.