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Full Version: Has anyone else had problems with ebay member 'hp71b'?
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This individual bid and won one of my auctions and now won't pay. They say that since they did not win as many of my items as they wanted, that they don't have to pay for this one, and that I must now offer the item to the other bidders. Formal name is Elias Gebrim, from Brazil.

I've tried to work with this person, but they keep blaming me and remain very unreasonable. If it is a pattern with this person, I'll just stop trying to work with them.

I'd tag them as a non-paying bidder and bar them from future auctions. The excuse mentioned is pretty pathetic -- each bid is a distinct contract to buy.

- Pauli

eBay buyer hp71b is bad news. He is not serious and wishy washy. He says he will pay but does not. I think I put him on my list of blocked buyers.

I had a recent dealing with him - he offered to buy one if my ebay items that had just ended: "I did not get the time I offer us $ 25 please". I was hardly going to cancel a winning bid from a legitimate buyer to then sell to him! I would say he doesn't understand or respect eBay policies. I ignored the request.

Thanks for the information. I received one other message privately that this person's name is not real, that they have several aliases, and that they are trouble.

It gets even better. I received two messages from this person last night:

"You must be a very unhappy person,I asked a favor.Friendship comes first.If you cancel the sale would not harm you.You do not lose anything.But you were arrogant.You saw my qualifications?What will you gain from this?I try to make friends with everyone.I'm 70 years oldIf you were injured I would assume buyingI warned you I was wrong but the impossibility of actually purchasing.My regards and God Bless".

And then, a few hours later:

"Put the name of my father in the forum HPMuseum shows the stupid person that is you,We would pay for the purchase of my father, a man of 70 years.But after this exposure of my father's name we will take appropriate action.Or you delete this post and you'll see what happensHave you ever fired at my father for not paying Ebays what you want more?You are a person who must have suffered much.I feel sorry for you."

I'll block them from future interference in my auctions, and report them to ebay for impersonating someone else. My personal recommendation to anyone selling on ebay is to put them on their blocked bidders list before they mess up an auction.

There's only one response to trolls, and that's to completely ignore them. Nothing makes them feel more powerless than to be ignored. Live and learn, but don't bother responding at all. Block them through eBay and your mail reader, and move on.

Thanks for the information. I received one other message privately that this person's name is not real, that they have several aliases, and that they are trouble.

Now it's clear why you wrote "they" and "them" and not "he" and "him", in the opening post....I was not understanding..

By the way, despite of the serious e-bay policies there are many people on the web that to say "funny" it's not enough, they have, maybe, time to loose and nothing better to do in their life then offend and harm the others or maybe just they are somehow "sick" people and wiser have to look at them with a lot of patience and mercy

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