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Full Version: YMEC (Yet More Ebay Craziness)
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Like others that post here, I was amazed to see an HP67 MIB going for $1500+. I'll admit, I've been known to pay top dollar for a particular example when it is needed and I wanted to end the hassle of the search & evaluation process. But I have noticed a trend of increasing prices on ebay over the years. 2 years ago I bought a MIB 67 for $450, 4 years ago it was a MIB 65 for $300. So we're looking at..what.. an exponential price curve?

I think it may be what are called "late adopters" of ebay. As with other technological trends, this group tends to have more money than brains. This is not necessarily a bad thing (especially as seen from the seller's viewpoint!).


From the looks of things that $1500 HP-67 was very far from MIB. It is IB, but fairly well used. Price should have been around $250.

About ten or eleven years ago,
I bought a *real* MIB 67 with lots of additional stuff for $100, which seemed to be expensive for me those days.
However, I eanted it, so I did it.
About two years ago,
my boss gave me his spare New In Box HP-65 as a present.
*That* was really nice.