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Full Version: Solver for the 11C?
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I ask only because the 20S has a "root-finder" in its library, and loading of such places an algebraic root-finding program into programatic memory (I think it takes ~71% of the total :), with the user to supply a function to solve for in the remaining steps.

So has anyone written such a Solver for the 11C? And if so, please post, and consider submitting to the MoHPC Software Library ( http://www.hpmuseum.org/software/software.htm ). Thank you.


there is already a solver program for the HP11C listed in the Owner's Manual. My version is in Portuguese, so I do not have the actual page it is in the English version; try it around p. 160, something like Newton's Solution for f(x)=0.

Hope this is what you want.



I searched the HP11C.pdf file (MoHP CD set), and the correct page is:


Tha title is:

Newton's Method Solution to f(x)=0

If you have the MoHP CD's, the HP11C.pdf is in CD #1.


Thank you, Vieira, that sounds like just the ticket. I have an 11C in the mail to me, was planning ahead, so I'll know where to look....