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Full Version: Still a new colour calc ! When you'll make it HP ?
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After the recent announce of the TI-84 Plus C SE, TI is preparing the TI-Nspire CX Premium !

It will be great having a HP calculator in color ! No ?

As I've long suspected, calculators have reached and exceeded their maximum reasonable feature set and now we're down to marketing to add new features, many of which have little or no real value. A colour display is nice and all, but it won't help doing calculations and it will increase battery drain -- it will, however, act as a distinguishing feature in the marketplace.

- Pauli

I'll buy the colour-screened pocket version of the TI-84+ series, if any, but not this one for sure.

Edited: 11 Jan 2013, 3:40 a.m.

I fullheartedly concur.


Yes a distinguishing feature, but also a survival feature ... for HP. Anything else completed behind the scenes and sells poorly.


I don't think anyone argues that color is good for things like graphing multiple functions, but as you say the downsides with regards to battery life are quite large. Basic calculations really aren't improved by color.

To be honest, the casio use of color is essentially worthless. Given how much they actually use color through the system you might as well be using a black and white screen.


Colour can be very usefull to distinguish different graphs.
And do not forget it is pupils (so children) who mainly buy calculators and a colour screen is very attractive for them.
Battery life is not a problem. Colour calc comes with a rechargeable battery like on their cells...

Considering the 84 and NSpire are just horrid machines (I own one 84 and two NSpires now), I don't think colour would improve the product any more.

You just don't need it.

For reference, if you haven't used an NSpire for a couple of days it goes into a coma which takes about 60 seconds to wake from (I.e. Boot up). They should fix that first before they start adding more turd polish. By the time it's booted, you've forgotten what you were doing.

The only thing that I don't like about the new TI-84+ Color is the decrease of programming memory from 24,000 bytes to 21,000 bytes. However, the resolution will increase to 320 x 240, same as the nSpire and I like the mode indicators on the new screen.

I like color, backlit screens on calculators. One, the screen is easier to read. Two, it is easier to take pictures of the color screens.

I like color, backlit screens on calculators. One, the screen is easier to read.

Try to operate your smartphone in the sun and think over.